I'm an internationally ranked athlete in the Sport of Equestrian Vaulting (which is the
combination of gymnastics and dance on horseback). I started vaulting when I was 7
years old and have competed internationally for both South Africa and Canada. 
My accomplishments include competing at the World Vaulting Championships in 2008 as the flyer
on the South African National team, being a member of the Canadian National Team in 2012,
winning the 2015 Women's Reserve BC Provincial Champion title, winning the 2018 Senior Women's
Division A National Champion title, and being a member of the 2018 Canadian Equestrian team
which represented Canada at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon USA. 
     Growing up I faced lot of challenges and they shaped me to be the person that I am
today. Just one the challenges I faced was bullying. At age 5 I was diagnosed with a
learning Disability and ADHD. I always knew that I was different in some way, but
never really understood exactly how until I was much older. Having Learning
challenges doesn't just affect the way you learn, but also how you see society and how
you pick up on social cues around you. At the age of 11 I started to get bullied by a team
mate who was 3 years older than I was and over 2 years it progressively got worse. There
was no way I was not going let that stop me from the doing the sport I loved and the
thing I excelled in the most.  It nearly led me to quite vaulting and give up fighting, but
despite my frustration and despair, I didn't and 5 years later I achieved one of my life
goals, which was to be part of a team competing at the World Equestrian Games. 

Abigale Wynberg


Abigale Wynberg (aged 20) from Maple Ridge BC. 
I was born in Johannesburg South Africa and immigrated to Canada in 2008 at the age of 9

Instagram - @abbigalewynberg

     This is what Gritt Industries and the meaning behind the name means to me. It is a goal
of mine, that in my life I want to in some way, even if it is in a small way, to inspire and
motivate people to never give up and keep fighting for what they love doing, despite all
the obstacles that get in the way. 

      To me this is what the #ShowyourGritt is really all about. You have to push through the hard work, the pain, and the sacrifices to get an amazing reward - that wonderful feeling of achievement and success when you see what you dreamed become a reality. I believe in trying to maintain a healthy life style, being body positive and love being outdoors and seeing what our local community has to offer and that is what Gritt is all about! 

     I'm so excited to be partnering up with Gritt Industries and be an Ambassador for this amazing company.