Adam Cowan

I am Adam Cowan. I'm 32 years old from Maple Ridge, BC and I grew up in the Lower Mainland area. I have a beautiful wife and daughter and two dogs. Growing up I mainly played baseball and football as team sports and I was also interested in skateboarding.

I feel like this inspired me to keep an active lifestyle leading into my adult life.
I have my bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and in 2018 I became a Registered Massage Therapist. I love to rehab injuries and help people achieve their athletic goals and RMT work gives me that outlet to help people. 
After injuring my ankle in 2013 playing indoor soccer (where I met Phil) I joined CrossFit to get back into shape and have been doing that for 8 years. I have been to Regionals with a team in 2016 and made the Elite individual division at the CanWest Games in 2019. Once competitions are back, I plan on competing again because it's challenging but a lot of fun. When not in the gym I spend time with my family (wife and baby girl) relaxing or disc golfing. I've been trying to pick up skateboarding again to encourage my daughter to do the same and it's been fun; however, I can't fall like I used to so it's been a slow process!

Other than outdoor activities, my other passion is video games as I have been playing all my life and I'm trying to build my twitch account which has been fun.

I love the positivity and self-improvement messages that Gritt Industries puts out. It's not always what talents you may possess but how hard you can push yourself day in and day out. I take that to heart because I'm not always the most talented guy in the field but I can push myself to new limits by working hard and having fun with it. Since Gritt is local and such a positive influence, I'm excited to be partnering up with this awesome company!

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